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CIRCA Pintig and Stellarblade, LLC invite you to a special viewing of Ligeia on All Hallows Eve 2022

$5,875 raised

$10,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Screening of a haunting film and a gala night under the Death Valley stars


Thank you so much for supporting Circa PINTIG's world premiere of LIGEIA!

We are looking forward to seeing you TODAY, Monday the 31st at 3pm at the D.


Check-in at the hotel begins at 3pm so you'll have just enough time before you board the bus at 4pm.

If you'd like to ask Ruth to try to get you checked in early, please text or call her at (616) 617-2850 and she will try to start that process for you by 130pm.

Check-out is at 11am on the 1st, Tuesday.

Everything is pre-paid, including the resort fee, but you may be asked to provide a credit card for incidentals.


Also, there will be vegetarian and seafood at the dinner featuring Filipino cuisine. Please let Ruth know if you have any food allergies/concerns.


Finally, we suggest you bring layers as the temperature will go from about 80 to 50 degrees during the time we're out at the junction. There's more than enough room on the bus to bring your things and the driver will be with the bus the whole time so you can leave what you don't need on the bus.

Bearing in mind the weather advice above and that there is very little outdoor lighting on our short walk between the Hotel reception and the Opera House for the screening, we encourage you to come to the event in costume!

There are two on the bus and there are two out at the Amargosa Hotel where we will be holding the reception.

Several of our attendees are planning to attend this Holy Day of Obligation before leaving Vegas.

The early options on Tuesday are
730 am at Our Lady of Las Vegas - 10 minutes' drive from the hotel.

8am at St. Joseph Husband of Mary - 15 minutes' drive from the hotel.

The closest option is St. Joan of Arc at 1215pm. This church is a 5 minute walk from the D (0.2 miles).

Both St. Joe's and Our Lady of Las Vegas have 6pm options as well.


Also feel free to call or text Ruth about any other questions regarding our itinerary. (616) 617-2850.On October 31, 2022, join us for a Halloween you'll never forget with a storytelling tour, screening of a haunting film, and a gala night under the Death Valley stars (all with special nibbles and libations all night long)

CIRCA Pintig and Stellarblade, LLC invites you to a special viewing of Ligeia on All Hallows Eve 2022
Ligeia stylizes the emotional, psychological, and spiritual struggles of the addict, exploring how substance abuse reconstructs their minds and alters their personalities, making them living ghosts feeding off the substance until it eventually entraps them. The film’s style is a blend of German Expressionism (Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 1919), French Poetic Realism (Children of Paradise 1944), Soviet Historical Drama (Solaris 1971) and Japanese Surreal Psycho Drama (Kwaidan 1964).
The screening will benefit the Amargosa Opera House as well as Chicago-based Center for Immigrant Resources and Community Arts (CIRCA), which is a 31-year-old Asian/Pacific Islander group that develops immersive experiences for audiences to visit art in rural and underrepresented communities. The film will serve as a platform upon which both CIRCA and the Opera House can raise funds for their arts.
  • 3pm-4pm Gather at the D Hotel & Casino in fabulous downtown Las Vegas
  • 4:00pm bus departs from the D
  • 4pm-5:30pm On the bus, 3 CIRCA storytellers will give you the stories of the Amargosa Opera House, Marta Becket, the New York ballet dancer who made the Opera House famous in National
  • Geographic and Life magazines, and Stellarblade Films.
  • 5:30pm arrive at the Opera House
  • 5:30pm-7pm hors d’oeuvre reception at the Amargosa Hotel and sunset photo opportunities
  • 7pm film screening inside the historic Opera House: Trailer
  • 9pm bus returns to the D with a few more spooky stories from Edgar Allan Poe andCIRCA Pintig
  • 10:30pm bus arrives at the D
Reserve your Tickets before October 15th
$200+ Donation: all of the above
If you cannot join us that night, please consider a $75+ Donation or above to receive a link to stream the film.